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Boost Your Phone and Wallet: The Best Reasons to Switch

Tired of high mobile phone bills? Boost Mobile brings to you the perfect solution, for budget deals and association with all top brands.

Consider Boost Mobile if you’re seeking strategies to reduce your monthly cell phone bill. 

We’ll go through Boost Mobile’s plans and prices in detail, as well as how to sign up and what to anticipate from their service, in this article. 

What is Boost

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Boost Mobile provides a selection of prepaid plans with durations ranging from one month to one year. The cellular networks of AT&T and T-Mobile are used by the service provider. Your location, device, and plan will determine which network your service will be on. 

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One of the most affordable plans offered by Boost Mobile is an annual plan, which costs just $8.33 per month. These more affordable options, meanwhile, won’t function on all phones. Additionally, keep in mind that there is an unforeseen one-time $25 activation fee if you choose to bring your own phone.

We strongly advise you to visit a Boost Mobile store first to confirm that your phone is compatible with the plan you want to buy before you buy a new handset or acquire a SIM card. 

Plans and Pricing

There are ten different prepaid plans available from Boost Mobile, although the cost varies according to the plan’s duration. Boost Mobile offers the option to buy plans for one month at a time, three months in advance, or twelve months in advance. 

All of Boost Mobile’s plans come with unlimited talk and text as well as the ability to use mobile hotspots to share your data. Your monthly data allowance is depleted if you use a mobile hotspot. Depending on the plan you purchase, speeds will decrease if you purchase an unlimited plan once you’ve used a specific amount of data.

Plans from Boost Mobile don’t come with international features, but they can be purchased for extra money. International Minute Packs from Boost Mobile let you phone and text a certain country for as little as $3, and they also offer a message-only option for 10 cents each message. 

Todo Mexico Plus is a $5 monthly roaming add-on, while International Connect Plus is a $10 monthly roaming add-on. On the corporate website, you can get a list of all of Boost Mobile’s foreign services. 

Prepaid plans from Boost Mobile can be combined and stacked to create a multi-line family account. Multiline savings differ from plan to plan, but you can view the complete specifics of Boost Mobile’s Family Plan online.


Activation Process

There are various ways to activate the service. 

  • Buy a new phone via Boost Mobile and you’re good to go.
  • You can avail of the service by ordering the sim card online ( don’t forget to check for your device compatibility beforehand)
  • Instead of ordering a Sim Card online we highly recommend you visit the store for purchase, in order to avoid any issues with compatibility or service activation. 


Boost provides top-quality services, with no dropped calls or undelivered texts, However, service can vary from area to area. Boost Mobile offers access to T-Mobile and AT&T’s 4G/LTE and 5G networks. Boost provides an average download speed of around 24Mpbs. Boost Mobile’s high-speed data should be fast enough to do most things online, including streaming standard video based on these numbers. 

Final Thoughts

Boost Provides a good experience post the activation process, the activation process is a bit tedious and time-consuming. 

Do you need a new phone or can you use your current one with Boost Mobile? Not all plans will function with all phones, so you might set your eye on a less expensive plan only to discover that you are ineligible. Before purchasing a new phone from Boost Mobile or your existing phone, be careful to research which plans are compatible with each. A $25 activation fee is also anticipated if you bring your own phone.

If you’re still debating switching to Boost Mobile, consider the following first:

Will there be coverage where you are? 

If you want to know if you’ll have service in your location, you may look at Boost Mobile‘s coverage map online. For a list of plans that are available to you, you may also enter your email address and ZIP code.

Can you survive on little data? 

With its unlimited data plan, Boost Mobile offers phone plans with monthly high-speed data allowances of 1GB to 35 GB. All of Boost Mobile’s plans do not offer truly high-speed data, even though the unlimited plans do feature limitless 2G speeds. Additionally, the 5GB package from Boost Mobile’s speeds were frequently insufficient for HD video streaming.

Is there a Boost Mobile location in the area? 

I found Boost Mobile’s phone and online customer care facilities to be unhelpful, and throughout the month I had Boost, I had to go into the store to activate my account and have a problem fixed. This is a typical occurrence, according to recent internet customer reviews. Make sure there is a store close by that you can get to if you experience service issues before switching to Boost Mobile.

If you can “yes” to each of these inquiries, this might be a good option for you. 

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