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In the Spotlight: Our Favourite Picks from G-Star RAW Collection

If you too want to unlearn denim, the same way one can unlearn specific languages. One forgets how one learned to speak, one just remembers how to do it. The language of design can be really limiting if one doesn’t question it. G-Star RAW: Unlearning Denim and Challenging Design Language”.

G-star RAW as we know it today stands to initiate great unlearning. It juxtaposes important questions and strives to create never seen styles of clothing. 

When casual meets upscale denim, G-Star is born: Like no other fashion label, G-Star Raw is known for its unadjusted jeans appearance, unwavering fit, and exceptional quality. Everything revolves around the blue fabric in this collection since, without fail, every item can be worn with your new favorite pair of jeans. 

In this article, one will get an interesting insight into the brand, as well as its credibility.

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G-Star RAW

G-Star Raw, now in its 30th year, was started in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam. G-Star Raw, which specializes in denim and particularly raw denim, has always adhered to the motto “Just the Product.” By blending fine craftsmanship with street flair, G-Star Raw pioneered the concept of “luxury denim for the streets” and established raw, untreated denim as a wearable and desired material.

G-Star is dedicated to sustainable production through the Raw Sustainable initiative, employing more organic cotton while using fewer pesticides and fertilizers for their collections.

G-Star has been continuously innovating for more than twenty years, and it still pushes limits, develops its corporate DNA, and encourages its designers to look for novel materials, designs, and cuts—always with an eye on the end result.

G-Star: A timeless classic 

These jeans, which are currently highly trendy, were not an instant hit, like most novel ideas. G-Star adhered to its innovative principles and employed a variety of marketing techniques to generate interest in its 3D denim jeans.

 Customers were astounded by the shape, fit, and practicality of these now-iconic jeans when they first tried them on. This method reaffirmed the value of functionality in design, which is a fundamental component of the G-Star brand.

 Since entering the denim market, the exquisitely made jeans have developed a cult-like following and have continued to be one of G-best-selling Star’s items.


The flagship stores of G-Star can be found around the globe notability in cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Shanghai, Paris, London, Cardiff, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Mumbai, and the Netherlands, where the company has its headquarters on the P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam’s most opulent shopping street. Globally, G-Star has more than 6,500 retail locations.

RAW Responsibility

A reflection of the commitment to people, the planet, and philanthropy. 

“Our ambition is to improve the social and environmental impact of our products and give back to the communities in the countries where we produce. We collaborate with expert partners to accelerate change and develop sustainable solutions for the future of fashion.”

Raw Responsibility

One of the company’s most interesting promotions to date was launched through Pharrell Williams. The organization ‘Raw for the Oceans focuses on recycling recovered ocean plastic to make new garments. This refers to sustainability, one of the brand’s primary goals. Where they try to return everything they take out to the environment.


Wear it till the end

G-Star creates denim for now and for the future. The carefully constructed and mindfully made designs, the product produced lasts a lifetime. 

It doesn’t have any additional treatments or washes added during the production process. This means less water and harmful chemicals are used, creating a more sustainable fabric that has been made to last.

Mirrors the individual

Raw denim shapes your body, becoming softer the more you wear it. The indigo color fades with distinct marks appearing over time, this creates a unique piece with its own character, tailored to each wearer.


Strategic Framework

The team specializes in social and environmental sustainability across the supply chain and has a presence across the Netherlands and Asia. An important company focus is to further integrate our sustainability work throughout our organization. The departments that are actively involved in carrying out our sustainability strategy include Design, Product Development, Merchandise, Purchasing & Pricing, Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Logistics, Marketing, Communications, and Sustainability.


Overpriced products

Few claim that G-star products are overpriced. G-star being a luxury brand providing a lifetime warranty on its products sells its products at an average of around €100-200.

Slow Shipping

The minimum shipment time is 15 business days which is a relatively long period of time compared to others. Due to international shipping, the charges are also high and the time taken between ordering a product and receiving it is long drawn. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1).  When was G-Star established? 

In 1989, G-Star was established in Amsterdam. 

2). What does the name G-Star mean? 

Since its inception, the company has concentrated on jeans under the motto “Just the Product.” 

3). Can G-Star be sustained? 

The company invented the “world’s cleanest indigo dyeing method,” which uses no salts and 70% fewer chemicals, and released what it calls “the most sustainable pants to date,” manufactured from Cradle to Cradle Gold Level-certified denim. 

4). Where does G-star’s production take place? 

With a variety of suppliers worldwide, G-Star has solid commercial ties. Bangladesh, China, Greece, India, Italy, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, and Vietnam are the primary countries with production facilities.

5). Which products have lifetime warranties?

All items on the website have a lifetime warranty label/stamp.

Final Verdict

The Hardcore Denim ethos encourages G-Star to experiment, discover, and elevate craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to every last detail and a firm conviction that denim is limitless in its potential.

 The brand strives to bring avant-garde styles and question industry norms while continuously attempting to improve its impact on people and the environment. 

If you are not limited by the limitations, G-Star RAW products should be in your shopping cart now. 

Innovation, sustainability, and creativity are at the heart of all they do, and aim to bring forth the best. 

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